about us


   First and foremost we are a family run store, my family has been in the foodservice business in this area for 40+ years. We currently have two sister stores in the area, Bellybusters sub shop in Oxford, and The Hill Top Crab House in New Garden.

   February of 2006  we opened Penn Brew Station as a take out beer and quick service food establishment. Our food is mostly take out, however we do have tables here if you would like to eat in.

   Our beer selection is quite extensive including many domestics, imports, and lot’s of micro-brews. If we don’t have the beer you want just let us know and we will try to get it. Sometimes though our distributors just don’t or can’t stock certain items.
Please understand that under Pennsylvania laws we are considered a bar and may only sell you up to 192 ounces at a time, which means “no cases or kegs”.If you are under 40 please bring ID with you, and if you are under 21 don’t try to buy beer, WE WILL CARD YOU!!!!

   Our food is the best around! Though I am a little biased.  We believe that fast food is not good food, and good food is  not fast food. We make all of our food fresh for you when you order, so it takes a few minutes. We do not keep any food ready to eat, so calling ahead is a great idea.


Thank you for your business, and please feel free to   
contact me   with any questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions.

Curtis Mason